Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'd Pay To See That

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Sign me up for the nearest circus side show. Oh, yeah - I have an amazing talent, just ask my family. 

"Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!  See the Amazing Julia slug down ten - count 'em ladies and gentlemen - ten pills in one swallow! Watch as she throws an entire handful of medications into her mouth! Be amazed as she swallows them all with one swig of diet Coke! Can she complete this amazing feat without gagging or inhaling a pill?!"

This spectacular skill didn't develop overnight. Before Sjogren's, I warily eyed my multivitamin and thyroid medication - two small pills - every morning. I'd gingerly place a single pill as far back on my tongue as I could tolerate, gulp down a full glass of water, and repeat for the other pill. 

Phhhsshhhh. What a rookie. 

I think there should be an Olympic event for us expert pill sluggers. Yessir. The gold would be mine. What's that, you say? Think you can do better? 

Bring it on.  

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Jenny P said...

Haha can't beat it yet, but I'm close, I can do 9 at a time if I take advil with my other meds, one of which is a sizable calcium pill...I might have to find some sugar pills to add to the mix just for a challenge;) I upset my mom the other day by informing her that I gained the ability to down so many pills when I started drinking and learned to do shots.