Sunday, May 17, 2009


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Recently, I have been unusually aware of my upper arms. Maybe because warmer weather has forced me to wear short-sleeved shirts, maybe because I've had to apply moisturizer more frequently there, or maybe because I just really, really, need to get a life. 

At any rate, what used to be just another part of my anatomy has become a source of concern. My friend Cheryl has an interesting term for what happens to the arm above the elbow and below the shoulder once the owner of said arm hits 50. She has labeled that jiggly fold as bingo arm


She explained that when women of a certain age play the game bingo and wave their arm to claim their prize, any part of the arm that isn't supple and firm as it used to be flaps around in a less than attractive manner. 

Wow. I have bingo arm and I don't even play. Now that's serious flappage.

I wonder if this will get worse. Will I eventually have flappage that rivals that of a flying squirrel? Or a bat? 

And I can't even blame this on Sjogren's. 

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