Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sjogren's and Swine Flu

Image by Nataliedee.

I love love love Doc Gurley's blog. She writes with that rare combination of good science, common sense, and a great sense of humor. I have pointed my readers in her direction before, and have found yet another reason to recommend a visit. 

Doc Gurley also writes for the, and her recent article regarding swine flu is worth a click and a visit. 


Well, when looking at the H1N1 (or swine flu) outbreak, knowledge is power. Power to understand how it is spread, to take preventive measures that may help avoid infection, and to be able to identify the symptoms of a possible infection. 

Many Sjoggies, including myself, are taking medications that decrease our bodies' resistance to infection, hence the need to be ultra vigilant. Some of these medications may include prednisone, methotrexate, etanercept, and many others. 

Doc Gurley gives the stethoscope up or down vote to evaluate several measures commonly used to prevent infection. 

So are there really "influenza fighters" and "immune boosters"? Yes there are. And we here at Doc Gurley are going to reveal them - free of charge! no conflict of interest! - for you today:
First, before we go over the candidates, here are the Doc Gurley criteria for judging anything that attempts to - not treat disease , but - instead, to actually improve a human body (keeping in mind the fact that, from a cellular level, the distinction between "supplement" and "drug" is...well, it doesn't exist - don't believe me? just ask any ribosome):

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