Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baseball Has Been Very Very Good To Me

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I never thought I could thank Sjogren's Syndrome for anything. 

Today, however, as I am watching the Seattle Mariner's baseball season home opener, I have to grudgingly concede that if I had not been forced by autoimmune fatigue to spend many afternoons on my couch, I never would have developed my rabid interest in pro baseball. Specifically Mariners baseball.

What a great way to pass what would otherwise be a very boring afternoon. I simply can not watch soap operas. News channels depress or infuriate me, and one can watch old movies only for so long without being able to recite lines along with the actors. Yawn. 

Baseball to the rescue. It provides real-time excitement and drama.

And, at the moment, Mariners' pitching is on fire, the bats are smokin', and the sun is shining. Couldn't be better. 

Thanks, Sjogren's. 

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