Friday, March 6, 2009

Everything Old Is New Again

I was listening to some music on a satellite radio channel this afternoon. If I want to make sure that I can doze off, it's helpful for me to tune in to the new age music channel. It really doesn't require that I engage my brain and it makes great background music. Usually I can expect to hear vague, soft melodies with no specific cadences or differences in dynamics. Just a soft, flowing river of music. Makes for napping perfection. 

So today while resting and the new age music playing away, I heard a familiar tune. I thought - that's beautiful - but definitely not new age

I grabbed my laptop and zipped over to iTunes to double check - and yes, that lovely tune was indeed Ave Verum Corpus - an ancient Eucharistic hymn dating back to the fourteenth century. The version most frequently heard was written by Mozart in June of 1791. 


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