Thursday, December 18, 2008


Image by TouTouke


We're having a beautiful snowfall. As I watch the snowflakes drift down, I think about everything that I have heard about snowflakes, how each one is individual and different; the same story and lesson we all have learned about snowflakes: to appreciate the unique characteristics in each flake, and in doing so we are reminded about the special qualities in each one of us. (And also that some of us, myself included, are flakier than others.) 

Today I observed something in the falling snowflakes that I hadn't noticed before.  The ones closest to me seemed to be falling faster than the ones viewed from a distance. Yet they all actually were falling at the same rate and reached the ground in the same amount of time. 

Someone far more creative than me would create a lovely philosophical and meaningful metaphor of sorts that compares the perspective of falling snowflakes with how quickly life passes when viewed up close, yet in the grand scheme of things, we all reach the ground at the same time. 

So what could one learn from that metaphor that someone else surely could phrase better than I?

I guess I could learn a great deal about enjoying each day and minute and hour that goes by. 

It also means that I'm trying to justify the fact that my resolve to avoid Christmas sweets has completely crumbled. I'm looking at a large pan of my home-made fudge, with sticky fingers and chocolate on my face, and an entire row of candy missing from the pan. I savored every bite. I licked every bit of sweetness from my fingers. I enjoyed every minute. 

Blame it on the snowflakes.  

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