Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maggie's Sweater

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Last night, I was chilly, so I  did what all mothers everywhere do. I insisted that everyone put on a sweater. 

I admit that I was overreacting when I put a sweater on Maggie, the dog. Mags has never worn a doggie sweater before, so her reaction was really entertaining. The sweater was not too tight, or too loose, as a matter of fact, it fit perfectly. (Head tilt. Awwwww.) In spite of looking really adorable in her new outfit, Maggie didn't like it at all. She stood there stock still, looking imploringly at me. Take it off take it off take it off!!

I waited to see if she would try to wiggle her way out of the sweater, but she didn't. For some reason, she seemed to think that the sweater prohibited her from moving. So she froze. I tempted her with treats and toys, trying to get her to take a few steps wearing the sweater, but she would. not. move. The minute that the evil garment was removed, she bounced around the room like a happy crazy dog. 

Maggie's experience made me wonder what kind of doggie sweater I'm wearing. A "sweater" that I am sure is a limiting factor in my life, that paralyzes me, but in reality may actually be something that would be beneficial if only I knew. 

For me, the most limiting factor in my life is autoimmune fatigue. There must be a way to learn to walk while I'm wearing this sweater. 

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