Saturday, October 18, 2008

Candy Candy Candy Candy Candy........

photo by Spiders

Remember the Garfield cartoons? Our family's favorite was the Halloween special - where Garfield and Odie head out trick or treating. Garfield can't stop himself from breaking out into a "candy candy candy candy candy" chant. I can identify with that fat cat. Around this time of year, I start the candy chant myself. 

Without fail, on November 1st, I wake up with a serious sugar hangover. That is, until last Halloween when John and Daughter Number Two came up with the brilliant idea of giving away small goofy toys instead of candy. They have a great time poring over the Oriental Trading catalogue in September, debating the merits of gooey bleeding eyeballs vs. parachuting skeletons. I believe the eyeballs won out this year. Also glow-in-the-dark witch fingernails, jumping spiders, Groucho Marx glasses and mustaches, and bat paddle-balls. 

Greg and Terese join us on Halloween evening as we dole out the goodies, and Terese and I usually force John and Greg into wearing some kind of silly costume. Last year they good-naturedly slapped on Elvis masks, bless their hearts. This year, I found gorgeous Priscilla Presley wigs, so if we can cajole the guys into being Elvis again, we can be their Priscillas. 

Awww, c'mon guys. I promise not to take your picture this year. (said with fingers crossed behind Julia's back) 

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