Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Afternoon to Remember

Image by jixue

Today was one of those perfect autumn days. The clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine, cool temps, vibrant colors of turning leaves, all made a day like today a gift. Add in the fact that I also had a relatively high energy day made it a day not to be wasted. 

I decided to to take Sam and Maggie on a short walk around a nearby lake. I just love those precious few hours when the stars align and I can forget about everything. Just to be able to stroll along with my dogs outdoors was fabulous. 

I came home and rolled up my sleeves, put a beef roast in the oven, baked acorn squash, peeled and boiled and mashed potatoes, and even whipped out a pan of cookies. For just a few hours, I had a glimpse of what my life used to be like. What it used to feel and smell and look and taste like. All too soon, my burst of energy was gone and I was back on the couch. 

I miss those pre-Sjogren's days. 

I know that everyone who has experienced a loss expresses the same sentiments - that I only wish that I knew then what I know now - to never take your abilities and blessings for granted. 

Thanks for today, God.  


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Sjogren's has given me a new perspective.

Even when I ache while working out, I am thankful to still be moving around.

I just don't take much for granted any more.

What a lovely post.

Vicky said...

I was blessed to have many of those days the past week or so. We were in New England and it was great! I will be posting pics soon.