Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grand Rounds

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Some of the posts from Reasonably Well have been published in the weekly net health blog carnival, Grand Rounds. 

What's Grand Rounds? Dr. Val explains:

"Grand Rounds unifies the health blogging community."

Grand Rounds is a weekly summary of the best health blog posts on the Internet. Each week a different blogger takes turns hosting Grand Rounds, and summarizing the best submissions for the week. The schedule for Grand Rounds is currently available at FromMedskool.com. Both Dr. Val Jones and medical student Colin Son coordinate the schedule and identify appropriate hosts for Grand Rounds. Medscape.com features weekly interviews with new hosts of Grand Rounds, usually written by Mr. Son.

Grand Rounds was originally established by Emergency Medicine physician, Nicholas Genes in September, 2004. His concept was to highlight and capture the best medical blog posts in one place each week. The rotating nature of the hosts for Grand Rounds promotes community awareness of new bloggers, and encourages cross linkage to more content.

Grand Rounds is the oldest and most popular medical blog “carnival” on the Internet. Under the stewardship of Dr. Val Jones and Mr. Colin Son, we anticipate that Grand Rounds will remain a pillar of the health blogging community, enjoyed by healthcare professionals and patients alike.

This week's edition of Grand Rounds marks it's fifth year. To view Volume 5, edition 1, and the 
Reasonably Well post included, go here or here. 

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