Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Steps

Image by tilfeldig

I saw an adorable curly haired toddler yesterday. He must have just learned to walk, and was cruising around with that wobbly, legs apart, hands outstretched posture. His cuteness aside, one other thing fascinated me about that kid. He had the best little shoes that I have ever seen. Inside the sole, each shoe had a squeaker, so that with every step that he took, he sounded like a doggie chew toy. Mom followed the little guy closely, and said that she purchased the shoes so that there could be no doubt where his new walking skills took him.  

What a great idea. 

Those little squeaky shoes provided audible proof of the toddler's developmental progress. Makes me wonder what squeaky trail I would leave as I progress along this strange path that I'm traveling with autoimmune disease. 

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