Thursday, August 7, 2008

No, Not Gladys!

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I think I need to find some new interests. Not that I don't enjoy the friends and interests that I have, but I am getting a few cues that I may be monopolizing the time of others. 

What makes me think this?

Tonight, my neighbor was out walking her adorable little dog. We frequently chat and let her dog chase around with my mutts. I came within eyeshot, and I saw a distinct look of panic cross her face. I could see her look around, almost as if she were planning an exit route. We exchanged greetings, then I told her I was looking around to see where John had gone. "Gosh, haven't seen him!" she chirped with relief as she made her escape.  

Um....OK. See you later. 

I thought about this as I sat down on the nearest bench. Poor thing, I do tend to pounce on her whenever she's out and about lately.  My tendencies to glom onto the nearest walking talking body are much more significant when my energy levels have been low for any length of time. Low energy equals boredom for me, and when I'm bored, any person within earshot is fair game, I say. 

So this week, while my body adjusts to medication changes and is reeling from drug induced lupus, I have tried to maintain a strict rest regime. I allow myself to do a few things, maybe a simple errand or two, but then it's back to Couch and rest. In my boredom, I often sit in the shade of my deck when lounging, and take in all the comings and goings in the neighborhood. Just call me Gladys Kravitz. 

Guess that means John is Abner......snicker. My apologies to the Bewitched TV show of the past...

My poor neighbor lady is an easy target since she lives really close by. I may have to go pick on someone else. 

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