Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lullaby and Good Night

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Have you noticed that with the arrival of an autoimmune disease, nighttime is a whole new experience? What is it about the day coming to a close that brings new and different symptoms? For me, restless leg syndrome can be a nighttime problem, and aches and pains which I don't experience during the daytime make their appearance. 

What helps? I am sure that for each of us, there is a different set of nighttime rituals that help ease us into sleep. Here's some of my favorites:
  • I don't even consider hopping into bed unless I'm drowsy. 
  • Simple yoga stretches help soothe some of the aches and pains.
  • For me - a cool bedroom temperature is more comfortable than warm temps. 
  • I prefer nighties without elastic, bulky trim, buttons, or other hard objects; and those made of natural fibers such as cotton, which help wick away moisture when night sweats are a problem.
  • Reading is calming and relaxing for me.
  • A high carbohydrate bedtime snack such as breakfast cereal, while probably not great for my diet effort, seems to encourage sleep. 
  • If, after 30 minutes in bed, sleep is still elusive, I get up and do a quiet activity. When drowsiness returns, I give sleep another try.  
What works for you? Share your ideas!

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Vicky said...

A good hot shower helps me when I am achy. I like to look at parenting magazines and read a good mystery involving ghosts or settings in the past. Oh....and a hug and kiss from my boys helps too!