Friday, July 25, 2008

Taming The Child

A few days ago, I confessed in a post that my inner child is a spoiled brat. 

(Hi. I'm Julia, and I have a naughty inner child. "Hi, Julia.")

I am still looking for methods to control the little stinker, and in my quest for strategies, came upon a delightful site called Perpetual Kid - Entertain Your Inner Child. 

Eau de Play Doh can be found here. I can't vouch for the site or it's products but this made me smile. 

What may be more useful in taming my inner brat, however, is a book titled The Beck Diet Solution - Train Your Brain To Think Like A Thin Person, by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. The most obvious effects of having a disobedient inner child running amok is, for me, a ballooning waistline. Probably like many people trying to control their weight, I have read a whole library's worth of diet books. It seems that none of them have been effective.

(Hi, I'm Julia, and I am a diet plan addict. "Hi, Julia.")

What interests me about this book, is that it is not a diet. Instead, Dr. Beck urges readers to choose any healthy dieting method, and then utilize the concepts in the book to help them to be successful. Dr. Beck's tools are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, a method of talk therapy used globally in treatment of many psychological disorders such as depression. Interestingly, CBT was developed by Dr. Beck's father, Aaron T. Beck, MD. 

The program suggested involves a six week structured plan, in which sabotaging behaviors are changed by learning new thought processes. It also requires journaling daily, and utilizing specific reminder tools. 

It looks like a promising read. 

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