Thursday, July 10, 2008


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Chalk it up to brain fog - yet again. 

I have been cutting John's hair for a very long time - I would guess probably 20 years or so. Since John is, um.......challenged in the follicle department......., his haircuts are pretty simple. I use the old fashioned home hair clipper kit that you see in discount stores everywhere. Plug in the shaver, snap on the plastic hair length guide, and that's it. I run the shaver around his head for a few minutes and we're done. 

Last week, John was sitting on the kitchen stool, bath towel pinned snugly around his neck, ready for his "Julia Special" haircut. I grabbed the shaver, and starting at just in front of his right ear, began buzzing up and over his head. 


John was remarkably calm. He didn't even turn his head to look at me, but said evenly, "You didn't put the guide on, did you?" 

What a guy. His patience is only one of the many reasons that I married him. 

Yessiree, I gave him an inverse mohawk. Oh, yeah. Buzzed his hair off right down to the scalp in a perfect three inch strip. 

When I looked at the poor man's head, I did what any contrite wife would do. 

I collapsed onto the kitchen floor laughing so hard that my belly hurt. 

Meanwhile, John perched on his stool, crossed his arms over his chest, and stared at the ceiling. I suspect he was counting to ten. Or one hundred.  After a trip to the bathroom mirror to survey the damage, he sighed deeply, (gee, I've heard that sigh more than once over the years) and suggested that I just buzz the rest of his head. 

So that is just what I did, once I was able to compose myself enough to get another grip on the clippers. I finished the job with a minimum of snorting and giggling. 

Anyone else need a hair cut? Anyone? 

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