Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Darnedest Things

Image by chumney.
While grocery shopping last week, I browsed the toothpaste aisle. We dry-mouthed folks tend to check out the newest oral care products with the same enthusiasm as technophobes looking at the latest iPhones. 

"Whoa! Biotene makes a dry mouth toothpaste in cinnamon? Where can I score a tube, man?"

You should have seen us at the Sjogren's conference in Phoenix this year. We Sjoggies packed the exhibition hall shoulder to shoulder as we queued up for samples of new eye drops, mouth lozenges, and dental floss. If it could have been possible to conjure up enough saliva, we all would have been drooling over the latest and greatest products promising moisture everywhere we could possibly want it. 

I thought I had seen it all, and thought of everything that I could possibly do to keep these old teeth clean and shiny, but last week, in our very own local grocery store - there they were. Right there in front of me on the shelf. Probably have been around forever but somehow I missed them. 

Battery powered toothbrushes! Brilliant! And cheap! Mine cost $4.95 and it came with an extra set of batteries. 

I love my new toothbrush. I feel almost like I'm cheating every time I power it up. It's pathetic, but at the end of the day, I can flip the switch on that baby and not have to do anything but stand there and spit out the toothpaste foam. 

Gotta love modern miracles. 

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