Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sleep Equals Grades

In the spirit of the weekend's theme, which is my daughter's college graduation - YESSSS! - this article has valuable information for my youngest, who is still in college. Check this out, daughter number two: 

A study completed at University of North Texas concluded that students who considered themselves morning people were more likely to have higher grade point averages than students that called themselves night owls.
They had 824 undergraduate students complete a health survey that included questions about sleep habits and daytime functioning, and found that students who are morning people had higher grade point averages (GPAs) than those who are night people. 

The finding that college students who are evening types have lower GPAs is a very important finding, sure to make its way into undergraduate psychology texts in the near future, along with the research showing that memory is improved by sleep," study co-author Daniel J. Taylor said in a prepared statement.

"Further, these results suggest that it might be possible to improve academic performance by using chronotherapy to help students retrain their biological clock to become more morning types," Taylor said.

I wonder if this same information can be used to understand more about the relationship between sleep and other memory/cognitive issues, such as brain fog in autoimmune disease. The importance of good quality sleep is incredible. 

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Brussels Chronicles said...

Indeed ! For me, sleep equals health ! I believe accumulated lack of sleep has a LOT to do with my health issues... (I'm a morning person but waking between 3 and 5 am more often than I wish has been undermining me for a long time now...). I hope you sleep more than I do !

Kim (missbelgium)