Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'll Have One To Go, Please

I love this story from Science Daily. 

E-BCP, a chemical found in spices and food plants such as oregano, cinnamon, basil and rosemary, was found to have anti-inflammatory properties by a study completed at Bonn University and ETH Zurich. 
"We have used E-BCP to treat mice with paws swollen due to inflamations", explained Dr. Jürg Gertsch of the ETH Zürich. "In up to 70 per cent of cases the swelling subsequently subsided".
Oregano? Basil?  
No-one had previously realised that it can have a beneficial effect on the body. "Our results have revealed that E-BCP inhibits inflammation", declared Professor Dr. Andreas Zimmer of the Life&Brain-Zentrum in Bonn.
Kids! Eat your pizza - it's good for you. And I don't want to hear any complaints, missy. 

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Vicky said...

This just happens to be my favorite food.....along with peach pie right now! ;)