Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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Aren't gasoline prices outrageous? Here in the Pacific Northwest we hit $4.25 today. 

Excuse me while I hyperventilate. 

As gas prices have skyrocketed, our family's awareness of the efficiency (or inefficiency) of our vehicles has skyrocketed too. It's suddenly very important to be as miserly as possible with that expensive energy resource - gasoline. 

Which gives me yet another opportunity to point out the similarity between efforts to conserve resources of any kind of energy, be it at the fuel pump or in my body's cellular power plants - the mitochondria. You can read more about mitochondria and other cellular innards here

My latest favorite mitochondria-type energy saving device is my mini vacuum cleaner. It closely resembles a souped-up Dustbuster on a stick. I won't post the manufacturer here since my intent isn't to plug a particular product, but this thing is great. 

With five critters leaving fur around my house, vacuuming daily is crucial to allergy-prone John's sinuses. Early on in my Sjogren's, I simply couldn't summon enough energy to heft a full size vacuum cleaner around the house. After wading around ankle deep in fur for awhile, it occurred to me that some serious problem solving was in order. 

This little gadget is very lightweight. I don't have to bend or stoop to use it, and it has just enough power to efficiently capture pet hair and other doggie shrapnel from my hard surface flooring. It is emptied easily and goes back in it's battery charger/storage stand in a snap. 

I wonder if there's a gizmo out there that would teach my pack some good manners?  


Unknown said...

Gas was $4.49 yesterday, I can't wait to drive by the station today to see how much it has gone up. I hear ya on animal fur too, lol.

Julia Oleinik said...


Oh my gosh - $4.49!

I need my hyperventilation brown paper bag again......