Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clover Cream

I spend a lot of time cruising around on the internet, reading various sources regarding health topics. I read an article today that addressed the needs of those who, for various reasons, have difficulty keeping their weight up to normal limits. 

OK, I won't make the expected comments - gee I wish I had that problem - because I know how I feel when people comment about my energy stingy life style.  

"Want to trade places with me for a week?"

Anyone who has issues with fatigue knows how well-meaning but unhelpful comments can make one feel.  

So I tried to read without being envious about adding calories to breads, sauces, gravies, sweets...............just give me a second while I mop up my drool here. 

The article did bring to mind an experience that I had while I was in college. 

My friend, Kathy, who was and still is ridiculously tiny, was scheduled for some surgery. Kathy's doctor told her to gain ten pounds before her surgery. 

In our little midwestern college town, there used to be a killer ice cream shop named Clover Cream. 

Oh, man. 

I have yet to taste ice cream that even comes close to Clover Cream's own store-made ice cream. Kathy's plan of action to gain those ten pounds included a daily milkshake from Clover Cream. 

When she asked me if I would accompany her on her daily trek for calories, I didn't hesitate a minute. I stood by my friend in her hour of need. A good friend doesn't let another friend drink milkshakes alone. 

Can you see where this is going? Of course, it wasn't Kathy that gained those ten pounds. And it wasn't me, either. 

I gained fifteen pounds. 

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