Sunday, April 13, 2008

Conference notes

It would take a post the size of War and Peace to completely cover all the material presented in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday. Instead, I'll summarize. 

The conference was superbly organized. Hotel comfortable and attractive. I found each of the speakers to be very well spoken and were all active in a clinical practice.

It began with an in-depth overview of Sjogren's and it's disease process. It was wonderful to listen to information that explores autoimmunity at a cellular level. 

With the basics covered, the speakers then moved on to cover specific issues related to Sjogren's. The expected sicca symptoms were explored, but also a few topics which were not what I had expected.

In exploring traditional and non traditional approaches to Sjogren's, the speakers brought home the issues of overall health care and addressing the body's needs at it's most basic  levels. While I assumed that simple things such as good nutrition and sleep hygene were important, what I learned is that in diseases when your body's energy status is so compromised, these basics can become even more important. 

It made me take a very serious look at what my personal commitments are in improving my overall health, not just making a commitment to a prescription regime. I realized that I have only been paying lip service to my body's needs for truly good food, good exercise, and restorative sleep.

Yawn. Speaking of sleep, am somewhat deprived. And now that I know how important it is, I am off in pursuit of a great night's sleep. 

Nighty night. 

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