Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our pastor's sermon today focused on God's mercy. It was a very moving and comforting sermon. He reminded us, as Catholics, that one of the ways we can seek God's mercy is to make regular use of the sacrament of Confession. 

I reflected on my most recent confession experience, and had to smile. Certainly I have NO intentions of sharing the content of my discussion in the confessional, but one small piece of the exchange is so typical of me and my ongoing spiritual deficiencies. 

I had given a great deal of thought about the areas which needed improvement in my life, and so as I began my discussion with Father, I shared my concerns in a speech which was organized and categorized and gosh darn it, one of my better soul-baring orations.

After I finally finished, Father said, "Wow. That was really well done." 

I pumped my fist in the air, and said, "Yesssssss!" and after a brief moment of reflection, we both began laughing. 

The focus of my meditations had been my pride.  I think I still have much work ahead of me. 

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