Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is For Real, Folks

I was in a local farm supply store the other day looking for a good deal on doggie rawhide chewies. I saw this display and made an absolute fool of myself. I just could not stop laughing.

I took this picture with my phone while howling with laughter, so sorry, it's not very clear. But the sign says: NEW! Anti Monkey Butt Powder....for those Butt Busting activities....and when you sit on your butt all day!

Ooooo! After going to their website, I found out that they have a LADY Anti Monkeybutt  version, too! Notice that this delicate creature has a pink butt, lipstick and nail polish.

I wonder if I have a case of Lady Monkeybutt caused by sitting around in front of my computer all day? Could be. I think I'll order up a case. If I buy 12 bottles or more, they ship for just a penny.

Oh, honey? Do you think I have a Monkeybutt?


John? What do you mean - you wouldn't touch that question with a ten foot pole.......


annie said...

With a name like that I, as a consumer, would be put off and avoid buying it. However, it seems to be a decent product, as it also contains calamine (someone used it for baby's diaper rash). But the name........!!!

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Jenny P said...

I love it! I saw it also says there's one specifically for babies, along with a lotion for diaper rash. I'm tempted to try it on my inner thighs...HAHAHA!

By the way, I think I got a comment like that one about the survey once, what do you think about it? Does it sound legit?