Monday, November 26, 2018

Holiday Worthy

Did everyone have a yummy and happy Thanksgiving? We did, I'm glad to report. I hope y'all did too.

I was wondering how this house would function as holiday party central, and it performed like the champ it is. Especially the six foot island -- it held all the Thanksgiving goodies with room to spare.

Once again, the Turkey Trophy game was a fierce competition. It was close, but the winner edged out the competition by one turkey egg. Bowling with bouncy ball turkey eggs requires skill and finesse and is HARD. Just sayin'. I stink as a turkey egg bowler.

Marcus was sad that he was too little to bowl, but said that next year he'd be in the thick of things. I love that sweet t-shirt turkey on his pudgy little belly.

Tell Grandma EVERYTHING.
The next day when the weather cleared, everyone decided to go work off all that pie by hiking around our place.

Love the Simba pose 
Surviving big holidays with Sjogren's Syndrome requires planning, pacing, and scheduled down time, doesn't it? Today I'm resting up big time. And trying to forget that there is a whole pumpkin pie hanging out in my refrigerator.....

Tell me all about your holiday!

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