Monday, September 10, 2018

One Happy Camper

Check out this picture. See the lady with the huge goofy grin?

Hey. No judgments. Although I'll admit that characterizing my face as goofy is a major understatement. She's smiling so hard that her cheeks are screaming in pain for several reasons:

First: She's holding her most adorbs grandbaby (also her only) on her lap.

Second: While snuggling said precious bebeh she's looking at this amazing view and is able to say that she now lives there. 

Third: All the things that she hoped for in this Reasonably Well post back in May 2017 have materialized. Woot! A family with two little boys have purchased and moved into our old home, we found and purchased a home on property, and have MOVED IN. Granted, even though all of the financial and legal paperwork (whew!) is signed and safely tucked away in John's filing cabinet, and as far as the state and county are concerned we do indeed have a new address; in spite of all that we are still living up to our ears in moving boxes. But I don't care. It's super easy for me to look blissfully past those boxes since I have a drop dead gorgeous view of the Cascade mountains past the cardboard and strapping tape mountains. 

Most importantly, our new house is a master on the main ranch with a daylight basement. Everything that I need is on the main floor and I have only to maneuver two steps when getting myself from my car into the house. Pretty spiff, I think. Also much safer. John says that if I even come close to taking a tumble on those steps that he will build a ramp. I really want to avoid breaking any more of these old bones. 

Speaking of my history of falling, did I ever share with y'all my experience of tumbling down a full flight of stairs in our old house onto a hardwood floor last Christmas? No? Actually it was an impressive show of clumsiness that still makes me stupidly proud: as I was bouncing and flopping on my way down, I marvelled that I could MAKE A FORTY FIVE DEGREE TURN MID FALL at the staircase landing which allowed me to continue flailing my arms and legs all the way down to the bottom of the stairs. 

Not to brag or anything, but very few people possess the ability to make that maneuver. I take pride in that. What can I say? It's a gift.

Fourth: I am making progress in learning about and reducing the tremors in my upper body that have plagued me for the last few years. I haven't shared much about this struggle with y'all; one reason (among many) being that the tremors in my hands had become severe enough to make typing on my laptop next to impossible. Which made posting to Reasonably Well very difficult. 

Hunt and peck typing with one finger makes it really hard to keep a blog going. Eating soup with a spoon? Forget about it. And don't even get me started on tweezing eyebrows. Ow.

My sense of humor and patience had completely evaporated and writing about it all here on the blog just seemed to remind me how much I was struggling. I am certain that denial factored heavily into my reluctance to document it all. So I didn't. 

But working with a young smarty-pants neurologist and after several months of medication reductions, adjustments, and additions, I can happily say that it's a "two-hands-all-fingers-on-the-keys" typing experience today. Which is not to say that my neuropathies and tremors and restless leg syndrome have been cured; not by a long shot. But having legible handwriting and steadier hands goes a long long way in brightening my state of mind. I'm hoping that my balance issues will improve as well; however Smarty-Pants Neurologist isn't promising anything yet, and I'm learning to live with that uncertainty. I'll take any improvement no matter how small. 

How could living here not help facilitate calm and renewal?

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